We have an experienced and passionate team that signpost women to appropriate services as required.  We understand that each guests personal situation is unique, therefore we ensure that we are able to swiftly direct women to the most appropriate services to help in their situations.


Women residing within the service will have access to regular group work activities where they will have the opportunity to explore a range of topics within a group.  Women will also have regular opportunities to prepare and share group meals together.


Women will be encouraged to become involved in Project Development Focus groups that allow women to help develop and shape the accommodation service.


In addition to addressing accommodation needs within Grace House, it is recognised that many of the women will have experienced trauma that will hinder them from positively moving on from their past experiences.  To address this, women can be referred for counselling through our partner organisations.

If you are trainee counsellor, and studying at diploma or degree level, we are happy to provide student placements within Grace Womens Project. 


Visit our volunteer section for more information about how to apply for student placement opportunities.



The Grace Womens Project welcome female Mentors and Volunteers that are able to contribute to the life of the project, and befriend women residing within the service. 


All our Mentors and Volunteers bring a range of life experiences and skills to benefit our residents.  Each women that volunteers with us is selected based on their personal values and ability to enrich the lives of women residing at Grace Womens Project.  

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Team work



Women will be linked with a Community Mentor from a variety of local church partners, and any other organisations or faith communities, that are able to provide each woman with a trusted friend to journey with them during their time residing at Grace House, and beyond.