Our Internship Leadership team comprises of experienced Missionaries, Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers and Pioneer Leaders that will provide students with exceptional teaching, mentoring and discipleship.  Each member of the Internship teaching programme is passionate about imparting their knowledge and sharing their experience to help provide future trailblazers with a solid spiritual foundation to serve some of the world's most disadvantaged, and grow future ministries throughout the world. 

Our core leadership team provide regular training, mentoring, discipleship and pastoral care to all our Internship students during placement with Grace Womens Project.  However, we have a wider team of gifted teachers and mentors that support our students during their time with us and we often invite input from respected leaders from other ministries and churches.



Missions and Pastoral Support

Bob and Melissa Hill are originally from Texas, USA and have been involved in missions with Globe International since 1985. They worked for nine years in Nagoya, Japan and helped plant two churches. In 1994, God called the family to move to Scotland where Bob and Melissa currently pastor a local church in Clydebank, a suburb of Glasgow.


Their ministry also includes Overtoun House, that houses Grace Womens Project that supports vulnerable women in crisis and provides women with personal development and employability skills.


Bob & Melissa remain Directors of Member Care with Globe International and oversee and stay in contact with Globe missionaries throughout the world.



Teaching, Training and Mentoring

Dr Barbara Jenkinson has served in Christian leadership and ministry for over 30 years as a renowned speaker, teacher, mentor and pioneer.  Barbara’s missional work covered Africa, Romania and Portugal. Barbara has mentored, trained and released many Leaders into ministry and the mission field, and is a respected member of the British Isles Council of Prophets.

In 2007, Barbara co-founded Light and Life International, a powerful missional outreach organisation with thousands of volunteers, who have been trained, equipped and released to share the life-giving message of the gospel worldwide.  In 2014, Barbara and her husband Colin pioneered and currently Pastor a thriving church in Paisley called The River.

Barbara has authored and published several books including; Powerful and Free – Lessons from a Slave Girl, Reaching Spiritually Hungry People and Sharing God’s Love through Prophecy and the Revelatory Gifts.  Available to purchase here.


Barbara, and the Light & Life leadership team are passionate about mentoring, teaching and training future Grace Internship pioneers.



Teaching & Discipleship

Tanie and Jacqueline Guy are full-time missionaries, teachers and speakers,  Tanie and Jacqueline serve under the banner of Forget-Me-Not Ministries, which is based just outside Washington, D.C.

The Guys launched into missions ministry part-time in 2000, training as short-term mission leaders with Teen Missions International and leading their first mission to the remote Vanuatu island of Ambae.  

In 2004, it was clear to the Guys that God had been preparing them to discern and minister to the unmet emotional and spiritual needs of the missionaries they were serving. Tanie and Jacqueline devoted themselves to training in healing ministry with an array of teachings from such ministries as Restoring the Foundations, Christian Healing Ministries, Elijah House, Be In Health Ministries, Global Awakening Christian Healing, and The Life Model.

Tanie and Jacqueline connect and partner with missional organisations globally and are passionate about ensuring Missionaries are adequately equipped for the mission field. 

If you are a church or ministry that would be interested in partnering with the work of Grace Womens Project Internship programme, please contact us to discuss how we can work together.  We believe in the value of working and learning together to achieve the most dynamic and transformative programmes for our future leaders and pioneers.

Contact us today to discuss ways we can work together.