A significant aim of the project is to offer safe accommodation in response to the needs of destitute and homeless women.  We provide well furnished and welcoming shared accommodation with priority given to women at risk of destitution and no legal ability to obtain employment.  This situation leaves women extremely vulnerable and at high risk of rough sleeping, sexual exploitation, abuse or forced servitude.


However, dependant on accommodation availability we consider all women negatively impacted by NRPF, so please get in touch to discuss the situation.

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  1. The project offers women well furnished accommodation in a shared house.

  2. The house has 3 bedrooms that can accommodate six women at any one time. 

  3. Women will receive food, and can get involved in our growing initiative that provides fresh vegetables and fruit.

  4. Women are signposted to other organisations and services as appropriate.

  5. Support to apply for grants and/or allowances from various organisations to access material help.

  6. Women can also receive short term support if they secure Leave to Remain to help settle them into the community such as: applying for Welfare State Benefits, Securing Housing and furnishing their homes.



Support & Assistance for women to engage with professionals in relation to pending or ongoing legal issues.​                                   

In addition to addressing housing needs, some women receiving support may have experienced, or are currently experiencing, difficulties such as poor mental health, family difficulties or ongoing legal immigration issues. 


In cases where women are not already engaging with support from a specialist agency, accommodation staff will signpost to appropriate services to ensure each woman receives support for her individual situation.